Help elect a real social justice activist to state government, Danny Factor for Secretary of the Commonwealth!

Every dollar you give us goes towards building the political movement that puts people first. We hope you can make a monthly contribution to the campaign. Whether you give us $5 or $30, your support allows us to build a movement for a stronger Massachusetts.

Please note: We do not accept contributions from lobbyists, or officers of for-profit corporations which engage in lobbying. We are strongly opposed to outside groups such as SuperPACs trying to sway the democratic process and discourage their involvement in this election.


$20.00 for 1 month
Every tree needs strong and healthy roots. Help us stay well-grounded as we grow, by expanding our grassroots effort. A dollar a day prepares the way.

blossoming tree sprig

$5.00 for 1 month
Contributions at this level help pay the cost of buttons, pamphlets and newsletters. Pamphlet originally meant "friend of everyone." Thanks for helping us befriend others!


$10.00 for 1 month
We're branching out, recruiting, and training volunteers to reach out to voters across the state.


$15.00 for 1 month
We're going out on a limb, advocating for real change. Want a government that listens to us, responds to us, and accountable to us? Help us make it happen.


$30.00 for 1 month
Be like a tree, and stand with us! Contributions at this level pay for the day in, day out costs of running our campaign: websites, databases, financial accounting and reporting.