Galvin Still Ducking Debates

 [With the election only weeks away, Secretary Galvin has not yet appeared in a single forum or debate.  The candidates for State Treasurer and State Auditor have all engaged in inclusive televised debates at least once.  But no one has yet seen Secretary Galvin appear to defend his 20 years in office.  Below is a statement from Danny Factor.]


Statement by Danny Factor

Candidate for Secretary of State

I believe that if you're asking voters to give you four more years in office, you owe them the courtesy of appearing in debates.

Face-to-face debates are the most honest, most revealing way of letting voters understand who is seeking their vote. Throughout the election season, voters are bombarded with 30-second TV commercials that are shallow, deceptive and which permit no rebuttal or follow-up questioning. Only in a debate do you get to hear all the candidates address the same question. Only in a debate can you ask a follow-up question when the candidate seems to be dodging the issue.

Secretary Galvin holds an office that is responsible for making sure voters have the information they need to cast informed votes. It is ironic that he is refusing to take the time to help them understand their options in his own race.

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