Campaign Events - Oct 11 and 12

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Friday, October 10, 2014

Candidate Appearances in Somerville and East Boston

GRP Statewide Candidates join weekend events to highlight Community Uplift Initiative

WHO: Danny Factor, candidate for Secretary of the Commonwealth

Ian T. Jackson, candidate for State Treasurer

M K Merelice, candidate for State Auditor

WHAT: Appearances by Green-Rainbow Party statewide candidates will highlight their recently released Community Uplift Initiative that proposes state-funded and local-community-initiated efforts to create jobs and end poverty.


(1) Saturday, October 11, at 11:30 a.m., one hour before the Honk Fest opening ceremonies, Seven Hills Park, Davis Square, Somerville

(2) Sunday, October 12, at 1:45 p.m., Maverick T-Station, East Boston


To engage the public in their recently released Community Uplift Initiative, 

the Green-Rainbow Party Statewide Candidates Team will hold two press conferences this weekend.

The team -- Secretary of State Candidate Danny Factor, State Treasurer Candidate Ian Jackson, and State Auditor Candidate M. K. Merelice -- paralleled the state's "billion for biotech" program with a billion dollar program to invest in people toward ending poverty and unemployment in Massachusetts. Although the program would be state funded, it differs from most state and federal programs by putting implementation in local communities.

In acknowledgement of the weekend's holiday -- variously known as Columbus Day, Indigenous People's Day, and Native American Day -- the candidates will emphasize the importance of creating a Commonwealth where all members feel included, whether they are indigenous people, neighbors arriving from other nations, people with physical and mental challenges, or hard-working families struggling to put food on the table and find housing they can afford. The Community Uplift Initiative contends that every person matters.

The sometimes hidden but very real crisis of poverty and the right of all persons to be included in the benefits of society are crucial issues in Massachusetts but are given superficial attention in Democratic Party and Republican Party circles. In this way, the Green-Rainbow Party candidates are making an important and necessary contribution to electoral discourse in 2014.

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