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Help elect a real social justice activist to state government, Danny Factor for State Representative!

Every dollar you give us goes towards building the political movement that puts people first. Please consider making a contribution. We accept and do appreciate donations, but only up to $88.00 per year for an individual and up to $300.00 per election from our party, the Green-Rainbow Party. A couple can donate up to $176.00 by writing a joint bank account check of up to $176.00, or by making separate online contributions of up to $88.00 each.

If you prefer to pay by check, just fill in the needed information (including employer and occupation), print out the completed form, and mail it along with your personal check to Factor Committee, 3 West Main Street, Westminster, MA 01473.

Please note: We do not accept contributions from lobbyists, or officers of for-profit corporations which engage in lobbying. We are strongly opposed to outside groups such as SuperPACs trying to sway the democratic process and discourage their involvement in this election.

Our campaign does not accept contributions from registered lobbyists OR from officers and political action committees (PACS) of for-profit corporations that employ registered lobbyists.

 We strongly oppose attempts to influence the election by independent expenditure organizations (such as "SuperPACS") which evade normal donation limits or keep their donors and expenditures secret until after the election.

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