Bold Ideas

A much faster transition to renewable energy 
(after, all we are in a climate crisis!)

  • A much faster transition to renewable energy (after, all we are in a climate crisis!).95-100% clean, green renewable energy by 2030, because this is where we MUST be to stop climate change and have healthy communities.
  • A moratorium on fossil fuel infrastructure in Massachusetts.
  • No new pipelines and no new gas lines to buildings.
  • A moratorium on all building except for very low income housing, and bans on bottled water and plastic bags
  • Instituting of a Green New Deal: a plan for the Commonwealth and Federal Government to make massive investments in clean, green renewable energy, creating a bold transformation of our corporate-run economy to an economy of people, planet and peace where everyone is entitled to green living wage jobs, guaranteed living income for all.
  • Our Green New Deal is paid for on the statewide level by a revamping of our state budget: an end to corporate subsidies, a graduated income tax, a carbon tax, an investments tax, an enhanced luxury items tax  a polluter pays tax.
  • Our Green New Deal is paid for on the Federal level by state officials demanding the rights of our taxpayers, and calling for our military budget to be dismantled to a small fraction of its current size, in order that we transform to a peace economy.
  • Our Green New Deal is also part of a wider movement for sustainability, recognizing the intersection between the rights of all living things and our planet's survival.  This means supporting personal, collective, legislative, and legal efforts such such as promoting veganism, calling for stronger animal rights and environmental protection laws, and ending harmfully destructive and unsustainable practices such as animal agriculture, hunting, and fishing. This also means that in order to avoid significant societal hardships, such as drought, war and ecocide, we must in addition to supporting the elimination of greenhouse gasses, support the local production of organic food, end toxic pollution, and end commercial logging and other practices in Massachusetts that contribute to biodiversity, habitat and species loss and human-driven species extinction. Every living thing deserves dignity respect and love.

Making Massachusetts the first state in the U.S. to abolish poverty

  • Creation of a Bank of the Common Wealth to finance poverty alleviation.
  • Using funds currently used for corporate or military greed towards the ensuring that every person will have:
    • The right to healthy food.
    • The right to clean water.
    • The right to housing, including a moratorium on foreclosures.
    • Equity in education: primary,second and college.
    • Health care as a human right.

Making Massachusetts more just and Inclusive

  • Advocating for the rights of women in the workplace and other areas where women are treaded unequally.
  • Ending discrimination against the LGBT community in our schools, in our laws, in the workplace, at public accommodations and in our daily lives.
  • Black lives matter. Segregated towns should be a thing of the past, but we know that they are not. We must make our towns more inclusive, and more diverse both racially and income-wize. This includes embracing our African American, Hispanic, native American and Asian communities. So that we as brothers and sisters can live together and feel safe, community police boards must be established to give local communities say about the hiring and practice of our police, and the police should be demilitarized and required to take part in mandatory anti-bias and diversity training.
  • The rights of people with disabilities should become a compelling interest that trumps the rights of private and corporate businesses to create barriers, and we must continue deinstitutionalization and advocate for the right for people with physical and mental disabilities to live as independent a life as they choose.

Increasing democracy in Massachusetts

  • Establishing instant runoff voting (ranked choice voting) and proportional representation to aid in the creation of a multi-party political system that represents each and every persons' diverse views.Ratifying the Pass Mass Amendment,  We the People Act, and supporting movements to end corporate personhood and ending the concept of money as speech.
  • Instituting complete public financing of campaigns.
  • Establishing free access to public information.
  • The chartering of corporations should be limited to corporations that can articulate a public good. Our state laws should be changed to bar manufacturers of weapons, other military contractors, and companies that pollute from being chartered.


"Right now, your elected officials are not listening to you. The voices of lobbyists and money are drowning out the voice of the people.  You deserve to have representatives where you see the positive effect of their work on your lives. You deserve to have elected representatives that demonstrate to you dignity, respect and love. Please vote for me and let's build healthy communities together." - Danny Factor



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