Danny Factor Candidate for Massachusetts Secretary Arrested for protecting the forest

On October 20th Danny Factor acting on a matter of conscience participated in civil disobedience in support of local residents trying to prevent the destruction of the Silver Maple Forest one of the last forests within 95/128 at the junction between Cambridge, Arlington, and Belmont. The forest is threatened by a real estate developer who wants to build condominiums on the site.

Before he was arrested, Factor explained that "destroying this forest is a terrible land use decision.  An outside developer from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania is using a Chapter 40B exemption to shove aside local planning and destroy a forest that should be preserved for its open space and flood prevention values.  The state and the local communities are trying to come up with a plan to save the forest, and the tree cutting should stop to give them more time to come up with a solution."

Also present at the demonstration was Ian Jackson, an Arlington resident who is currently running for State Treasurer as a Green-Rainbow candidate.  Jackson, who has been to the site several times before to support the preservationists, said  "how sad it is to stand here today and see the crime against reason that is being committed by O'Neill Properties.  The destruction of trees needs to cease and we need to put every effort toward permanently protecting this forest that provides flood control, recreation, clean air, and ecosystem resiliency for our communities."

Since the beginning of their campaigns Danny Factor has been joined by Green-Rainbow candidates Ian Jackson (for Treasurer) and M K Merelice (for State Auditor) in calling for a much more serious policy of protecting the environment and moving to renewable energy to avert the looming catastrophe of climate change.

Please join us this Tuesday, November 4th, to vote for the three candidates who are taking a serious stand for environmental protection and economic justice.

In addition, your donation of just $10 to any of these candidates will help us use the internet to pass the word onto a thousand additional voters. 


To donate follow these links to the candidate donation pages:

Danny Factor: www.electfactor.org

Ian Jackson: www.ian-jackson.com

M K Merelice: www.merelice.org 


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 learn more at:http://www.green-rainbow.org/save_the_silver_maple_forest

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